Worklinks Express Payroll

Powerful enough to handle the payroll needs of large and complex organizations, Worklinks is a scalable system. That means that even if yours is a young and growing company, we have affordable solutions that will ensure you remain compliant with all government regulations and get your employees paid accurately and on time without spending an arm and a leg, hiring a full time payroll clerk, or pulling all-nighters every pay period.

Take the Wheel...

Contact us today for a quote: with WorkLinks, it’s easier than you think to get a handle on your payroll.

...or the Back Seat

Not quite ready to DIY? Have a look at our Managed Payroll services and let Worklinks handle everything for you.

Key Features

Fast Processing Engine

Virtually real time payroll with processing of 1000’s of transactions in minutes

Easy Integration

Interface with third party systems such as Time & Labour, Finance, ERP, etc. with Worklinks' data exchange services

Maximum Flexibility

Unlimited organization levels and earnings/deductions/pay codes

ESS for Employees & Admins

Built in self-service using role-based security profiles

100% Compliance

Meets ESA’s and legislative requirements in all 13 provinces and territories (and soon across the Caribbean!)

Year-End Forms & ROE's

Generate ROE’s and Year End forms (T4's, RL1's, NR4's etc.) for electronic distribution and submission to the appropriate agencies, with easy on-screen adjustments

Facilitates Payments

Produce cheques and/or enable Direct Deposits to multiple employee accounts. Remit all source deductions and Tax Filings (including CRA, MRQ, Provincial Health Taxes, WCB, and Garnishments)

Multi-Lingual Application

Switch between French, English, and any other language you need, with one click of a button

Integrated HR Module

No HRIS? No problem! Let WorkLinks' fully integrated core HR module do the job.

Advanced Data Tracking

Enables tracking of employee demographic data including:

  • Personal information: name, photograph, multiple addresses/telephones/emails, government ID number(s), contacts/dependents, deposit information, etc.

  • Employment information: current/past compensation, job/position and department/division; hire/review dates, union information/dues, etc.

  • Additional user-definable fields are available for customization to suit your specific organizational requirements and culture.

Centralized Database

With a single central database, all information entered into the HR module is immediately accessible in the Payroll module - no duplicate entry, no time delays.

Paper-Free Admin

No more sticky notes, no inter-office mail: with WorkLinks, cumbersome paper records and spreadsheets are replaced with clean, accurate online data, with secure, 24/7 access by all authorized employees.

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