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Worklinks is committed to our clients’ 100% satisfaction: we won’t rest until you’re happy.


WorkLinks takes its responsibilities as your solutions partner seriously and we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality support to each of its customers. Adhering to our service level agreements, from response times to issue resolution, is our promise to you.

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Submit a Ticket: support@worklinks.ca


Call Us: 1 (866) 202-0414

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Whichever method you use to contact us, your inquiry will be entered immediately into the Worklinks ticketing system, where it will be queued, triaged and assessed for urgency.  


Don’t worry: any critical/production issues are fast-tracked! With escalation protocols in place for production-related issues, you’ll never miss a payroll deadline. And we’ll keep you apprised of all progress made on the issue, from first contact all the way through to full resolution!

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1 (866) 202-0414