Multi-Country Payroll

If you pay employees located in more than one country, get ready for a paradigm shift.


Imagine a single payroll system enabling standardized payroll processing for employees in all your business locations with one unified, 24/7-accessible application? With Worklinks, that dream is now a reality.


Let’s face it: relying on separate, decentralized payroll applications through multiple providers presents a huge risk to data accuracy, compromises payroll efficiency, and inhibits the ability for rapid growth, not to mention the additional costs and headaches associated with working with many vendors.


Worklinks offers the accuracy and multi-jurisdictional compliance of a single, centralized database to provide simultaneous organizational visibility and full control over all payroll processes, regardless of employees’ locations.


If you have operations in Canada and/or any islands in the Caribbean, contact us to see how easy true multi-country payroll can be. 

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